Case Studies
Our approach is to find a solution to either a problem that you wish to solve or a process that will enhance the performance of your organisation.

| Top Team Development – An Insight |

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.” Henry Ford.

An Executive Team of 5 Senior Managers had significant experience both in specialist sectors and in managing complex organisations.

However, personal development for the team had not been a priority. As they scanned the horizon they recognised that they were unprepared for some of the changes they faced. Working with the team we established what their individual expectations might be of a strategic leadership development programme. This encompassed using psychometric tests, structured interviews and identifying the precise outcomes they envisaged.

The team came together to receive a presentation of their generic strengths and weaknesses as a group. It was overlaid by an analysis of the likely changes that they collectively felt the team would face over the next few years.

The key leadership development issues were:

  • Acting strategically
  • Effective performance measurement systems
  • Change management skills
  • Influencing key stakeholders
  • Conflict resolution

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| 360 Degree Appraisal |

(Client Study)

With approximately 702 changes in employment regulations since 1997, it is not surprising that many organisations struggle to cope.

A newly installed Management Team faced a demanding agenda, relating largely around changes in organisational performance and process.

Changing performance, culture and customer satisfaction for a thousand staff in a public sector body required significant organisational change. Appraisal was seen as one of the main methods of driving and measuring the changes required.

A 360 Degree Performance Management Scheme was implemented. A short initial pilot programme was trialled. Five key themes were adopted including business acumen, team working, drive for achievement, client focus and communication skills.

Briefing staff on their role and contribution was a key element in the success of this project.

Detailed training and feedback about the relevant aspects of 360 Degree yielded rapid changes in daily performance, levels of feedback and organisational focus.

Personal development plans created electronically allowed the O.D. department to coordinate and monitor, so they could obtain best value for their training spend. In 9 months 72 % of managers showed performance improvements.

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