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Business Plus Seminar – 25th September 2012

Business Plus Seminar – 25th September 2012
Marriott Gosforth Park Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne

Hamish Moore, Senior Partner at DrummondHR, is delighted to share the findings of recent predictive research on well-being in the workplace carried out in partnership with Newcastle University’s Industrial Statistical Research Unit. The seminar focuses on predictive well-being at work and how promoting well-being can positively impact on employee engagement, discretionary effort, productivity and absence reduction. The research has highlighted that focused well-being initiatives provide a significant return on investment as a thriving workforce is performing at a higher level. Join us for an insight into how you can help your organisation thrive.

Critical issues that threaten employee well-being for the future will be discussed as topics such as obesity, managing an aging workforce and stress levels are becoming major challenges.

Organisations have much to gain by promoting well-being initiatives for their employees. Attending the seminar will provide you with a fresh perspective on how to maximise the potential of introducing well-being into your organisation and enhance your understanding of the major benefits linked to employee well-being and how to attain them. The topic is particularly relevant to employers, HR professionals and Health and Safety managers.

What we will cover in the session:

  • The benefits associated with employee wellness
  • Predictive factors that are driving absence and presenteeism
  • How to reduce avoidable absences
  • Predictive factors that are driving employee engagement and performance
  • What are the growing well-being challenges?
  • What needs to be taken into consideration when developing a well-being strategy?

Free places at this unique business development event are limited and we expect the event to sell out quickly, so reserve your place now.

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