16PF Psychometric Testing

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What is 16PF?

Widely used for vocational guidance and recruitment and promotional activities, 16PF Psychometric Testing is a quick and effective method of gaining an unbiased overview of an individual’s personality.  By expertly interpreting the results, DrummondHR can offer insight into an individual’s predominant character traits, combinations of traits and the resultant behavioural tendencies that may arise.

How Does It Work?

The test itself is quick to administer (usually 35 – 50 minutes) and can be completed on paper or online.  16PF uses simple multiple choice questions to determine scores against 16 key personality traits.  These scores range between the two extremes of each trait.  For example, for the personality trait of Privateness, scores may range anywhere from 0 (Forthright/Candid) to 10 (Discreet/Private).  DrummondHR oversee the entire test process from issuing the questionnaire to analysing the results to producing a final analysis report.

Why Use 16PF?

When being used for a recruitment activity DrummondHR can analyse a candidate’s results on behalf of the client for the purpose of interview and/or selection.  Skilled analysis is used to highlight areas of possible difficulty for the individual in the specific role and allows DrummondHR to suggest areas for further questioning/probing at interview.  In a 1:1 vocational guidance interview, results can help an individual better understand their own strengths and weaknesses thus providing a platform for personal development.

Our expertise and experience in administering and analysing 16PF Psychometric Testing ensures that accurate and usable results are produced whether you are an individual wanting to improve your professional performance or a company wanting to select the near perfect candidate for a specific role.

If you are considering utilising psychometric testing in your organisation please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and the options available to you.

Psychometric Testing Personality Reports

Psychometric based personality reports are used extensively in the workplace for in-depth analysis of a candidate’s preferences, abilities and behaviours in the following areas:

  • Recruitment
  • Development
  • Coaching

There are several examples below of in-depth reports written for clients by Peter Rhodes and they are allocated into two headings:

1.  Ambridge Foods Selection of Chief Executive Officer
2.  Ambridge Housing Selection of Graduate Trainee
3.  Ambridge Fire Service Selection of Assistant Chief Fire Officer
4.  Ambridge Transport Selection of Learning and Development Advisor

1.  Ambridge NHS Trust Personal development for an underperforming Director
2.  Ambridge City Council Personal development for a Fast-Track Manager




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