360 Degree Competence and Appraisal Assessment

How can you improve the performance of your organisation?

Objective feedback at work is vital in getting people and organisations to perform.

360° appraisal effectively measures relevant, bespoke competencies in order to assess the capability of your organisation to achieve its strategic objectives.

By completing specifically designed, online questionnaires managers, peers and sub-ordinates can anonymously rate each other’s individual performance or the performance of given groups in relation to the set competencies.  This approach provides an honest, relevant and full range of views from employees at all levels.

A detailed analysis of the results is produced and can be used to:

  • Provide individual competency scores and key activities for personal development
  • Provide team or organisational scores and highlight opportunities for enabling change or improving performance and capability for change
  • Indicate broad trends of needs that can be missed in a one to one appraisal scheme
  • Identify areas where limited resources can be specifically targeted to enable positive changes
  • Measure performance improvements in set competencies when repeated after a development programme has been implemented

The 360º competency and appraisal system has been tested in over 10,000 cases, is measured to your requirements and can be implemented with full support if required to significantly enhance your organisational abilities.

Click HERE for a Client Case Study on implementing 360 degree appraisal and performance management or download a Fact Sheet.