Employee and Engagement Surveys

What do your staff really think?

Organisations know that they are only as good as the people who work for them. Employee and Engagement Surveys enable you to find out what your employees are thinking and feeling, gauging their attitudes to organisational change and strategic planning and to use that information constructively.

Each survey is bespoke and tailored to gather the confidential and anonymous data you require and deliver the feedback you need in order to understand the needs of your employees and improve morale and productivity.  The data collected is often accurate, un-bias and relevant and provides a platform for organisational change or feedback on organisational systems and processes.

Engagement and Employee surveys can be used to gather data on:

  • The extent to which employees are engaged in your organisation’s strategy
  • Job satisfaction and motivation
  • Pay and reward
  • Management style
  • Company culture
  • Training evaluation
  • Wellbeing and stress
  • Worth volumes
  • Role clarity levels

Engagement and Employee Surveys can be conducted using a variety of methods to ensure a high response.

  • Online – electronic systems produce a higher quality of data
  • Paper – where groups of respondents do not have access to a PC
  • Direct Calling


  • Measure organisational culture
  • Measure employee engagement and commitment
  • Action planning to resolve employee issues
  • Action planning to implement organisational change

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