Wellbeing Insight (Wbi)




Predictive insight into absence, well-being and presenteeism. A solution orientated approach to workforce well-being and resilience.


Wellbeing Insight (Wbi) is the organisational and personal well-being prediction tool which delivers the results your business needs and provides a structured analysis of the issues facing the individual and relevant support that can be provided.


Wbi – What is it?

Wbi is a unique predictive well-being tool. Wbi predicts impaired well-being, absence, presenteeism and resilience on an individual level and across organisations.


How Wbi works

Wbi is an online questionnaire which provides an individual well-being predictive report.

Wbi provides in-depth analysis reports for teams, departments and organisations identifying factors which contribute toward impaired employee well-being and productivity, enabling organisations to take direct action to improve workforce well-being.

The basis of Wbi

Wbi is a predictive well-being analysis tool based on 35,000 data sets analysed and validated by Newcastle University’s Industrial Statistics Research Unit (ISRU). Wbi correlates for predictive absence at 0.79 and for presenteeism at 0.86.

The benefits of using Wbi

  • Prediction of impaired well-being leading to absence.
  • Prediction of impaired well-being leading to presenteeism.
  • Prediction of impaired discretionary effort and the causes.
  • Detailed individual Wbi report outlining factors which impair well-being and resilience.
  • Detailed organisational report outlining factors resulting in impaired well-being by department, grade, location, gender etc providing specific practical recommendations for actions to address the issues of absence, presenteeism, resilience and discretionary effort.

The Mechanics

The Wbi questionnaire is conducted online.  Upon completion, the questionnaire is submitted in a secure, anonymous format for assessment.

Organisational Benefits

At an organisational level DrummondHR can provide to you a detailed report of

  • Those parts of the organisation most likely to have future absence and its causes.
  • Sections/departments/locations where absence is predictable and reasons for it.
  • The types of causes of absence and recommendations to limit these causes, e.g. capability in role (training) copy strategies (support/coaching) anxiety/depression (health intervention e.g. use of CBT on line) relationships at work (assertiveness, management style), physical well-being (well-being programmes – smoking, alcohol, weight).
  • Targeted reductions in absence and presenteeism.
  • Money back guarantee!

If you would like further information on Well-being Insight (Wbi) or would like a Wbi trial please visit our website or contact us.