Strategic Analysis
Our approach is to find a solution to either a problem that you wish to solve or a process that will enhance the performance of your organisation.

Need A Fresh Perspective?

DrummondHR Strategic Analysis can significantly help your company more effectively achieve its strategic and organisational objectives.

By analysing your business systems, roles and processes, we obtain an objective and unbiased account of your current organisational operations.  We use this analysis to indicate key actions for optimising resources, profitability and growth for your business.  

The process may include:

  • Working with you to develop future plans for the business both operationally and strategically.
  • Establishing the current capacity of each operational member of staff and how their work is deployed.
  • Identifying a clear plan for progression, i.e. growth and structure.
  • Identifying current capabilities and roles and recommending revisions thereto including training requirements.
  • Identifying sources of systems to put in place recommendations to achieve the plan in item above.
  • Evaluating risk and return.

Undertaking Strategic Analysis with DrummondHR guarantees you will receive a professional and comprehensive service bespoke to your specific business needs and aspirations for the future.

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